1. 3 times expandable from its original length with water pressure.

2. Made with durable pressure-resistant latex and other premium material, wont leak, tangle, twist, or kink.

3. With solid brass connectors and sprayer nozzle with 8 patterns.

4. Lightweight and portable, easy to move, use and store.



Length of 75FT:Original 25 feet water hose, can expand to max 75 feet water hose with water pressure.

Length of 100FT:Original 33 feet water hose, can expand to max 100 feet water hose with water pressure.

Material: Latex/ Pro-TPE/ Brass/ High tenacity filament/ Polyester cloth

Product weight: 3.15 lbs 3.89lbs

8 patterns of nozzle: Flat, Cone, Soaker, Full, Angle, Shower, Mist and Center.

Applicable to: Water your garden, wash your car, clean your back yard, or use in your business or anywhere else.


Package Includes

1 x Expandable garden hose with whole solid connectors

1 x Spray nozzle

1 x Simple User manual


How to use

1. Before starting to use the hose, be sure to check if there is any loose in the thread joints. If so, please tighten first to effectively reduce the leakage.

2. When first time using the hose, please connect its one end to the tap, and the other to the nozzle. Open the nozzle and turn on the tap, water will fill the hose slowly, close the nozzle after it starts to pray the water, the hose will be slowly extended to maximum length, then turn off the tap and open the nozzle, the hose will be back to its original length. After these steps, the hose can be used normally.

3. Connect the hose to the tap, water pressure will be increased gradually and the hose will be fully extended, then hold the nozzle to spray water.

4. When you do not use the hose, turn off the tap, open the nozzle, and discharge the water from the hose to make it shrink back to its original length.



1. When hose is used and fully extended, please dont close the nozzle, or the increasing water pressure will probably endanger the hose. 

2. When the hose is not used, please discharge the water in the hose in time, otherwise the inner tube will become less elastic under long time water pressure and affect the expansion function.

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Expandable Garden Hose

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